Hors du canapé nous rencontrons des psychanalystes qui travaillent dans des unités de dialyse, des cliniques prénatales, des salles de conseil d'administration, des centres communautaires, des organisations humanitaires et avec des travailleurs de la vigne pour n'en nommer que quelques-uns. Nous espérons que ces conversations élargiront notre prise de conscience de l'étendue de la pensée psychanalytique dans nos communautés. 

Hors du canapé
 est produit et hébergé par Harvey Schwartz MD, président du comité IPA en santé, et Steven S. Rolfe MD.
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Dernier épisode 153

La sexualité féminine en Inde aujourd'hui : à travers une lentille analytique avec Amrita Narayanan, PsyD (Goa, Inde)

Description de l'épisode:
Amrita focuses our attention on the presence of women’s active sexual desire which often gets obscured by society’s tendency to see women as simply victims of violence and oppression. In her book, Women’s Sexuality and Modern India – In a Rapture of Distress, she shares with us the results of in-depth interviews as well as latent clinical data from educated and financially comfortable Indian women. We discuss the erotic aspects of modesty; the differences between Indian and International feminisms; the role of the protective parent to foster girlish excitement, i.e. to offer a helping hand to their daughter; and the importance of the involved father to enable an identification for comfortable aggression. We close with a description of an unusual culturally imbued sexual practice that invites Amrita’s deep attunement to multiple levels of meaning.
Notre invité:
Amrita Narayanan, PsyD, is a Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst and the author of Women’s Sexuality and Modern India: In a Rapture of Distress. She has a longstanding interest in how a civilization’s culture shapes its sexuality and its psychoanalysis. She is an essayist in The Parrots of Desire: 3000 Years of Erotica in India and in Pha(bu)llus: a cultural history of the Phallus. She also writes a monthly column, Sexual Politics, for a newspaper, The Deccan Herald, Bengaluru. Aside from her clinical practice, Amrita is a Visiting Professor of English at Ashoka University, New Delhi, where she teaches psychoanalysis at the undergraduate and Masters level.

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28 février 2024